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Apparently I publish in clumps?

I Reach Through Time and Touch the Other Side* will be out April 6th.  It’s another novella, this one speculative fiction.  It was quite an odd little story to write; I started it in Philadelphia International Airport after having a dream about finding a new floor on the Humanities Building.  I was telling my mother about it, and she mentioned she’d had dreams of finding a hidden room on the third floor of my parents’ house.  (I should note that, when she was a little girl, my mother actually did find a hidden room in their big, rambling house!)  I’d just finished spending a lot of time on trains between Philadelphia and New York City and was full of those strange, wonderful, postwar towns in North Jersey that exist in a kind of odd limbo, not quite their own space, not quite 100% commuter towns.

It’s a story about not quite where I grew up, about a place that can’t quite exist.  I hope you enjoy it.

*Michael Swanwick is waging a one-man protest against SF stories with one-word titles.  It’s now a one-man, one-woman protest.  Long, lyrical titles are what made classic SF what it was!


And from the proud daughter of a union city, and the sister of a union member, to the government of Wiscosin:

Sabo Cat
The workers will triumph!


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