Young Man in Paris

Cor, that was fast!  My historical novella, Young Man in Paris, is up at Dreamspinner Press’ store, and will be released March 16.  I am stupidly excited, and only a little bit because it’s been yoinks since I last had a new story out.  Go and check out the cover and tell me it is not twelve thousand kinds of awesome.  It’s by Paul Richmond [warning: audio], who I honest-to-God love.  He’s done a series of paintings that are vintage-inspired male pin-ups.  [click through to ‘cheesecake boys’] I was stunned when I learned he was doing my little cover, and I adore what he’s done beyond all reason.  He’s exactly my style — a bit camp, referencing everything and everyone for his message, combining sexy and beautiful and a bit of madness.

So.  New novella, and reading week coming up, so life takes a bit of an upturn.  Also, I’m beginning to plan for summer, so I have something to look forward to…




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