I Aten’t Dead (Yet)


Yeah, not quite dead yet.  But frankly, about 95% of my life violently blows right now, and I’m a fairly miserable human being.  So, not so much blogging.  You do not come here to listen to me be dead inside, which is how things are right now, frankly.

In writerly news, though, Dreamspinner will be releasing a novella of mine set in 1920’s Paris very soon, which happens to have a cover that makes me feel all happy in the tummy.  I’ll be pimping that far and wide; it’s a story I started writing six years ago, and though it’s undergone massive changes, I’m so proud that it’s really a story now.  I’ve got another novella slated for…sometime later than that?  I’ll let you know when I do.

I’ve also got dozens of ideas for posts and fun things to write about and stupid videos to make (I invented the frantic, semi-drunken beehive updo on Saturday night!), so hopefully at the end of April, when my life has meaning again, those things will start to go up.

Oh!  And!  Barring last-minute crazypantsness, I’ll be at the UK Author’s Meet in July.  Sweet.




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