Hello you lovers of lovely men (I’m trying out new taglines…),

I seem to have missed another journal entry, as I am sure you have all noticed.  Yeah…get used to that.  Frankly, I’m too…not exhausted to write, but I’ve got no more brainspace left.  And for the past day or two I’ve been swanning around feeling down about my writing in general, which usually means it’s high time to get over myself, so I am going to do so.  Primarily by throwing myself (further) into my course, getting out of the house and going on walkabout more often, and finding I suddenly have something that is distinctly social-life shaped.  I’m not abandoning this journal at all — I’ve got at least one more publication to announce, from stuff I wrote/rewrote over the summer — but ANARCHY SHALL REIGN.  Also, probably a lot more posts about things like vintage clothing, nostalgia, immigration, Let the Right One In (which every one of you must stop what you are doing now and go see it.  I’ll wait.  It’s one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen, and it’s about five shades beyond normal.  And it has the most uncomfortably happy ending you’ll ever see.), and whatever else tap-dances across my brain.  And likely a couple of flash fics here and there.  And, frankly, I’m bored with the traditional publishing route, so who knows what I’ll come up with?  More fumetti, I hope, maybe a story written in a wiki, maybe something else.  I’m not very good at coming up with unique ideas, but who knows what’s ahead?

Anyway, I am now off to put my hair up in pincurls, or at least try to.





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