Fumetto, and a sequel

Hello, beautiful darlings!

A little early this week, because I’ve got the time, and I’m planning on being unfortunately rather busy tomorrow.  So, a few hours early!

I have not forgotten the promise of greek shephard boys and Pan, but this week is something a little different.  For some reason, it’s taken me until now to discover fumetti, comics made from photos.  Bliss!  Joy!  Why didn’t I come up with this before!  I love, love writing comics, but I have no talent at drawing, so this is a real boon.  It’s also a bit of a challenge because I don’t really have people to photograph — so this two-page story is based around, pretty much, whatever I had lying around my bedroom.

It’s a casual, many-years-later followup to my story in I Do Two, called Two Men: A Fugue.  Apparently, if I can change media, I can write about sad things…

Please let me know what you think — of the the little mini-story, but also about the layout, the font I used, etc.  It’s definitely a quick-n-dirty job (and is probably a little too postsecret-y), but I had so, so much fun doing it!  Definitely have to come up with something fun and sexy, next time.

Oh, and if you were wondering if using my things to represent a dead character’s possessions and using my chest to play the role of Adam’s new (male) lover is mildly freaky, you’re entirely right!  Time to erase my whiteboard!


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