In which I find something to talk about for more than a paragraph

Hello my very dears,

So sorry about last week — classes started up and it was roughly equivalent to getting hit by a train.  Which is why I’m writing this early on Wednesday morning, before I disappear into the lab/library/etc.  And which is also why it might be a bit short 🙂  Things are quiet at the moment, though I’m already planning a flash fic for next week — for various reasons, I’ve been staring at Greek vase paintings all week, so I’ve got a yummy story based on one in which Pan pursues a shephard…

(My favourite is the one where a satyr has an amphora balanced on the tip of his…pride and joy, shall we say.  It’s impressive!)

The Great Writing Drought has begun, what with my return to school, so expect to see more flash fic — I can’t write anything long, but I’m determined to keep up with something this year.  Also, frankly, I feel low enough about things in general lately, I’d like to just accomplish something.  Anything.

And, finally, a little PSA.  Many of you know I’m a rugby fan, and I support the Ospreys.  One or two of you know I have an unhealthy attachment to their fullback, one Lee Byrne.  In a rather lovely turn, he’s become the ambassador for the Sony Reader Award for Unpublished Writers, part of the Dylan Thomas Prize.  So, submit away!

Well, fart, never mind.  The deadline was aaaages ago, so… I’m quite sure what Lee’s supposed to be doing?  Anyway, he looks adorbs in the publicity photo, and keep it in mind if they run it next year, for the 2011 competition…

(Dear Lee:  You can make it up to me by winning on Friday, k?  K.)




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