So this is what retirement will be like?

Hello darlings,

Nothing much terribly new this week; mostly I’m just finishing up some stories* and living a strangely idyllic life before school starts up again.  Lots of faffing around online, of course, but I’m also back to getting out on the bike, doing about twenty miles yesterday.  In the rain.

(This is totally my new favorite picture of myself.)

South Wales really does do autumn well, but you’d not know it from this:

(That dark curve is Garth, which almost completely inspired where the boys go walking in Kipling and Camping.)

I actually really love riding in the rain, in part because I have the trails fully or mostly to myself, and because it’s nice and peaceful, and I like the sound of the falling water.  Also, there’s not much in this world that’s better than getting soaked to the skin and absolutely filthy, then coming home for a hot shower followed by some tea and knitting.  It was bliss.

Hopefully I’ll have something vaguely more interesting next week than ‘check out my snaps!’, but I’m appreciating the quiet while I’ve got it…



*To the lovely ladies who agreed to beta for me — sorry it’s taken so long!  A little plot point reared its head, became a big plot point, and I wound up writing another 5,000 words or so…oops 🙂  I’m going to give the whole story a quick read-over and edit, and then call upon your skills, if that’s still okay?


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