Still alive, with a NEW STORY

Edited to add in some sensible links.

tl;dr:  I have a new short story out, as part of Untreed Reads’ Diversity Line.  You should all go buy it, which you can do here: KIPLING AND CAMPING.

Hello dear ones,

Good grief, could I have gone any longer between posts?  Alas, it’s been mad — Wednesday was spent mostly running around with my sister, and recovering from a ten-day combo of Manhattan-sail to Brooklyn-Folk Fest that found me at home only long enough to shower (usually scrubbing some horrendous boat- or festival-smell out of my skin) and do laundry (ditto, but for my clothes), and possibly hurridly re-pack for the next adventure.  And then I flew home to Cardiff.  and then I slept 16 hours last night.

Now, however, I’m back an only slightly lazy as hell!  Also, I’m pretty much stuck in the bathroom re-dying my hair red because a) I look weird blonde and b) this way I can swan around pretending to be Red Molly.  (I am obsessed with that song now.  Help.)

And!  Awesome, awesome announcement!  I just had a short story released with Untreed Reads, called Kipling and Camping!  This was actually one of the very first non-fanfic stories I ever wrote, and I’m pleased to say it’s been polished, had some porny bits cut, and is so readable, someone considered it good and published it!  I am massively super-excited about this, and you should all buy a copy because UR are a wonderful line who were a dream to work with, and also it costs about the same as a really big cup of coffee, so go forth and enjoy.  (Do you remember the picture of Garth Hill I published as a teaser awhile ago?  Ta-da!)

A little more seriously — this is a story so very close to my heart, I’m so glad it’s good, too.  I got the e-mail saying it had gone live while I was barely conscious on the Heathrow Express yesterday morning (because I’m metropolitan as fuck, really) and it just seems right that it be published now.  I’m a lot less comfortable, now, being in Wales as I was when I wrote it, and I like seeing how happy things were in the beginning.  (I’m not unhappy here.  But I’m realising how hard it is to live in a country where I stick out every time I open my mouth.  Everyone’s very kind, for the most part, but I still don’t belong here.)

Personal nattering aside — go forth and buy!  And check out the other awesome authors they have at UR!

(And wait for a special, bonus post on Monday about a Very Awesome Thing…)




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