at long last, NEWS!

Hello kittens,

Well, I’m still mostly dead from working a real honest unpaid internship and biking both ways.  Except for today because between falling off on Monday (bruises in interesting places!) and learning to arc-weld yesterday (aaaagh sore in the shoulder), I needed a day off.  So I only had to walk a mile and a half to the nearest train station…ah, Rhondda Cynon Taff, never change 🙂

But I have Exciting News, or at least the promise thereof.  Here are your clues:



Have you guessed it yet?

#1 is still a touch under wraps.  But the good news is — I’ll have a new story coming out soon!  It, of course, relates to that image…

#2 is your truly, dorking it up earlier this year in Tiger Tiger, cos I’m a classy gal like that.  And that’s because I’m guest-blogging this Saturday at the fantabulosa Dawn’s Reading Nook blog!  I’ll be talking about some of the less-obvious aspects of body modifications, and how this can affect (or inspire!) your characters.  Can’t wait to see you there, and I’m stupidly excited about doing this.

Ah, but it feels good to be doing proper updates again…hopefully I’ll have another long-winded column for you all soon as well.




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