Hello kittens,

Yes, it’s another lameass post, I’m afraid.  My plea this week is that I just started a placement, which is great fun, but also involves a one-hour bike commute either way 🙂  I absolutely adore cycling to work (I take a trail that’s mostly through the woods and mostly sans traffic, so that helps a lot.), but I’ve pretty much started doing ~16 miles a day from almost nothing, so I’m a little wrecked when I get home in the evenings.  Which would be now.  I promise that I’ll soon come up with something remotely sensible to write about but, for better or worse, life right now is this internship, which for various reasons I don’t want to jabber on about online.

I have some good stuff coming, but I am not sure I can make the announcement yet, so maybe next week!  (By then I think I’ll have my results from this year, so either mourning will commence, or, more likely, I will be quietly pleased that at least I’ve passed the damn year.)

Here’s a good thing, though:  it’s almost two years since I moved to Cardiff!  It feels like I’ve been here ages, really, and I’m still sort of amazed that I got my shit together enough to actually come to a new country, as I tend to be very avoidant about things like getting paperwork in or, you know, accomplishing stuff.  (The fact that my mother was so distrustful about this that she literally didn’t tell anyone outside our immediate family…well.  Let’s just say that 3000 miles makes things easier there too!)  After a rather rough beginning, I think I’m doing okay.  I hope I can live here after I finish school too, and actually be able to enjoy it.  Although the long cycle through a tiny part of the Rhondda Valley every day helps with that!




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