I like to talk about myself

Hello lovelies,

Well, Bristol on Saturday was excellent!  (And not just because I got to miss a load of angry, drunken Cardiff City supporters, and thank GOD they lost, so I don’t have to deal with Premier League (?) supporters next year.)  The cruise-o-rama that was the beer garden was…an experience.  It was so, so lovely to meet everyone, too, and to sit around and find out about people, and talk openly about writing about men who totally dig other men, and the things they get up to.  (And, in a memorable moment, to explain why steam comes out of vents in NYC.)  I am not out to many people here about writing erotica (though that’s slowly changing), so it was really neat to not have to catch myself.

I have a long, long post planned about, of all things, museum and archaeological conservation.  Until then, though, I have set up a formspring account.  Ask me anything!  (Nah, seriously.  I’m shameless.)

ciao, darlings!


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