Prelude to a good day

WOOHOO!  It’s HOT out!  As hot as it gets here in SE Wales, anyway.  I am in bliss.  I have to put sunblock on, folks.  I haven’t been this happy…since I left Philly in ’08, really.  (Okay, so monsoon season will start in another week and I’ll shiver my way through June and July, but until then!  Real summer!)

Only one more exam until my biggest scheduling problem is when to start sunning and reading in the garden.  (If wet, the living room.)

Just a reminder — 7pm, tonight, Old Market Tavern in Bristol.  I Do Two awesomeness!  We will probably have a bunch of I Do Two schwag with us to stand out, but if not, I, uh, do not blend in particularly well.  And I’ll be wearing a dress that can conservatively be described as ‘colourful’, so don’t worry about spotting us.  Can’t wait to see you there!

And finally, I do so very much heart this video:

I learned some time ago that I can have a flat tummy, or I can drink beer.  Beer won.  Now, I can have both!


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