The Pimms and Lemonade will debut this weekend

Hello my lovely ones,

Well, I’m writing to you from the start of a British summer, which means I’m curled up on the sofa with a generous G&T (springing for the good gin is worth it, apparently!), watching the dreary weather outside.  Well, to be fair, we had a few days of loveliness, and I celebrated the end of one exam yesterday by having a few pints in a beer garden with friends.  Really, life doesn’t get much better.

Speaking of celebrations!  Remember the Time of Awesome that was had last month in Bristol?  Live near Bristol and not busy this Saturday night?  Get down to the Old Market Tavern and come hang out with me, Bruin Fisher, JL Merrow and Neil Plakcy!  It will be full of I Do Two goodness, with a higher-than-usual Yank percentage.  Truly, do come out and say hello if you can, it will be wonderful to meet any and all of you.  I think we’ll be set up with a load of I Do Two stuff, so should be easy to spot.

(Incidentally, enormous thanks should go to Bruin especially for organising all of this.  As someone who is not overly clever and is very bad at coming up for ideas for things, he leaves me a little jaw-agape.  Also, I have decided I shall surround myself with very efficient, active people, so that I might lie back on the sofa on rainy days and drink civilised drinks.)

I have vague ideas to write something about how some books don’t end, they just stop, and how this drives me bonkers and maybe some ways to fix this because lord knows I do it too, but I think that may have to come later in the week.  For now — Bristol!  It’s keen!




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