Free Fic: Rentboy (NC-17)

So!  Those of you who aren’t in a corner, rocking back and forth at the thought of that greasy bastard heading up a UK on the brink of total financial ruin may have noticed that another far right plonker got caught doing something very, very naughty and gave the worst excuse ever since “I’ve got a wide stance”.  No lie, I actually pointed at the computer screen and laughed when I saw the headline.  I believe I reacted in the only way one really can, and wrote some gay porn, inspired by this little event.

No, seriously, this is pretty much straight-up porn, with little fetishy undertones.  (Still pretty vanilla.  It’s like cinnamon ice cream, really.)  NSFW, though it does flutter its eyelashes in the direction of character development and story.  This is really a one-off, but I quite like Colin and Neal, and they may come back in another vignette. Enjoy!

“Honey? Did you see the news?” Neal looked up from his laptop. “About the asshole Republican and the rent boy?”

“Oh for heaven’s sake. It’s not even amusing anymore.” Colin rolled his eyes. “Yes. What about it?”

“Apparently, post-surgery, one needs a handsome fellow to carry one’s luggage around. Or, you know, whatever.” Neal batted his eyes, and neatly ducked the pillow Colin flung in his direction. “Hey!”

“I don’t think getting a few benign moles removed qualifies you, idiot.”

“Fine.” Neal pouted. “I’ll just hire my own rent boy, and he’ll carry my luggage on our exotic, sexy vacation.”

Colin burst out laughing. The obnoxious creature didn’t even try to hide it, exactly as he had not even pretended to be solicitous and caring when Neal came home minus a few moles and plus a few stitches. Why in God’s name did he put up with the man?

Then his sexy lover got up from the old armchair, took Neal’s laptop away, and took its place, straddling his waist. His pants were loose, unbelted and there was the smallest, most tempting gap left between his slender belly and the worn edge of the waist.

Neal licked his lips, and remembered exactly why he put up with the man.

“Honey, with what we make? You could just about afford me, and a few hours on Coney Island.” Colin grinned, and winked at him, and bent over for a soft kiss.

“Asshole.” Neal wrapped his arms around a skinny waist, and kissed his dark-haired lover again. Black hair, black eyes, and a body that went on forever; oh, he was lucky.

“Mmm.” Colin shifted so that when he leant over, their chests could touch all along. And, not coincidentally, their crotches were pressed together too.

“Mmmhmm.” Neal smiled, and rolled his hips. “Sexy rentboy. I could never afford you.”

“Nope.” Colin grinned, and started to kiss a line from his lover’s lips to his ear. A very slow line. “What would you do if you could?”

“Ngh. Oh, honey.” He rolled his hips again, prick already growing hard. And Colin’s little bubble butt poking up in the air wasn’t helping either. “I am not playing rent boy and dirty politician with you.”

“Awwww. Why not?” Colin sat up and pouted, his erection now more than obvious. Neal didn’t even think as he reached out, rubbing it with the palm of his hand, tracing the hard outline in worn cotton. “Mmm, that feels good.”

“Because I’d have to be the dirty, homophobic politician.” Neal complained, sliding his fingers down the thick inseam, and rubbing Colin’s inner thigh now. “Ew. And no.”

“You could be the sexy, young, non-crazy uh…you?” Colin winked. “C’mon. We never play anymore, and I want to be your rentboy.”

“Colin, it’s been a week since we played Mad Steampunk Scientist and Inhuman Experiment,” Neal pointed out, resting both hands on his lover’s thighs. The man was stupidly cute like this, all dark curls in need of a haircut, sitting on Neal’s tummy now, still clearly wanting. “I’m still finding little gears in weird places.”

“Oh, but it was made for us. You’re the sexy young politician, and I’m your bit of rough you picked up for the weekend.” Colin grinned and stuck his tongue out, the plastic stud in it clicking against his teeth. “I’ve just hauled your luggage up to our lush hotel room on some tropical island, and now you’re going to thank me properly, Senator.”

“Oh, am I?” Neal gave in, like they’d always known he would, sliding his hands around to squeeze an absolutely perfect arse. “If I’m going to do this in true Congressional style, though, let’s at least move to the bed?”

“Absolutely, sir.” Neal expected fluttering eyelashes to go with the over-the-top agreement. He got a smouldering look that had his cock aching, and had him sitting up in rather a hurry.

Their apartment was small, at least, and Colin only took Neal’s hand for a few steps, walking backwards across the old, warped wooden floors to their bed on the other side of the studio.

“What would you like, then?” he asked softly, those dark-dark eyes never leaving Neal’s as he began to undress.

Neal licked his lips, reaching out to palm his lover’s smooth chest. Colin was skinny, all lean lines, ribs he could count if his lover raised his arms. He unabashedly waxed, too, leaving skin soft and smooth, and Neal followed the soft lines, rubbing a thumb over one hard, pink nipple. “Is it cliche to say ‘you’?”

Colin laughed, and began to undress Neal, gentle when he pulled the man’s shirt away. The little cuts still had stitches in, but not for much longer, and he no longer needed to keep them covered. “I’ve heard it before, sir.”

That one word, that ‘sir’, sent a shudder through Neal, his cock impossibly hard now. “I want you on your belly. Is…is that all right?” It wasn’t Colin’s favourite position.

“You’re paying, sir. That means I do exactly as you wish.” Another look, given through lowered eyelashes, and Neal made a noise.

“Belly,” Neal managed. “On the edge of the bed. I mean, with your arse hanging – oh.” Colin had still undressed him as they spoke, kneeling to help him step out of his jeans, and had taken advantage of the moment to wrap his lips around the head of Neal’s cock, little tongue darting out hungrily. “Oh, God.”

Colin made a hungry noise, and drew back his head, releasing his lover’s cock with a wet sucking sound that left Neal feeling distinctly weak in the knees. “Senator?”

“On. The. Bed.” Oh, his lover was clever, his little Greenwich Village soulful-eyed poet, his Colin. “Now, my little whore.”

The words between them weren’t solely having an effect on Neal, he noted, not with the way his lover flushed at the word ‘whore’, not with the way moisture beaded on the head of his cock. Neal knelt, stretching his upper body across their little bed, reaching and holding onto the other side. He spread his thighs, and rocked his ass up.

Neal moaned, sliding a hand down and around. “Oh, God. Whore, you’re beautiful.”

Colin keened, pressing against the bed, his hips already rocking, looking for some release. “Sir, please. I want you.”

Neal was already reaching for the lube, dripping it down his lover’s arse, coating his fingers, then his cock. “Almost as much as I want you, all laid out, stretched out, just for me.”

“You,” came the harsh whisper. “Anything you want. You’ve bought me, I’m yours, I can’t say no…”

Oh, their power plays. They didn’t indulge often, but when they did…Neal prepared his lover, and took him, their high bed only a little too low, so that he had to lift that delicious arse before he could slide home, deep and hot and buried.

“Sir! Yes, yes sir…”

Neal keened, and started his hips moving. It was hard, and fast, and didn’t last nearly as long as he would have liked. But, oh, it was good, having Colin hand over control, having Colin love it. His slender lover was moaning, humping the bed as Neal did his level best to give them both a good time, his hips slapping against that perfect arse not nearly enough times before he came, shaking and gripping Colin’s hips.

His lover moaned, searching for something to rub against, and Neal pulled out, pushing Colin up and onto the bed, flipping him over. “I want to see,” he gasped, collapsing beside the man. “Get yourself off for me, whore.”

Colin moaned, and wrapped his hand around his own cock. “Sir…yes, sir.” It only took a few pulls, and he was decorating his body. Neal shuddered sympathetically, but his cock was truly spent.

Which didn’t stop him from rolling over, and licking his lover clean. They lay crosswise on the bed, limbs sprawled together, uncaring. Neal let the soft movements, the intimacy and submission in cleaning his lover, take them out of the scene.

Colin clean enough for the moment, he grabbed a pillow for them to share, and cuddled his lover close. “Thank you. That was wonderful.”

Colin giggled, eschewing the pillow to rest his dark head on Neal’s shoulder. “Thank you. It was, wasn’t it?” He stretched, groaning a little. “Mmmm, nice.”

“Mmmhmm. I’ll give you a massage later,” Neal promised softly. “That really was delicious, sweetheart. Thank you.”

Colin giggled again, and shut Neal up with a kiss. “You’re welcome.” He sighed, and cuddled close, his fingertips exploring Neal’s chest. They stuttered a little, coming across a new scar. “Honey?”

“What is is, Col?”

“You’re okay, right? I mean…this was just being careful. They’re not cancerous, right?”

“Oh, honey.” Neal hugged him tightly. “They don’t know, to be honest. But I am almost certainly all right. They didn’t look bad, but the doctor’s going to test them anyway. He said not to worry, though. That I’m fine, and everything should be fine.”

“That isn’t comforting,” Colin pointed out, and hid his face a moment. “I’m sorry if I’ve been a dick. I was scared, and didn’t want you to know.”

“Aw. You are a big, butch, manly man after all,” Neal teased, turning his gentle lover’s face so he could get a little kiss. “It’s okay. Love you.”

“Love you too.” It wasn’t okay, but Colin was settled in his arms, and they would wait to hear for sure together.


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