Goodies at Dreamspinner, and potential goodies from me!

Hello my lovelies,

image swiped from Jorge Cham’s magnificent PhD comic

I’m afraid it’s more navel-gazing and too-quick stuff today; I’m midway through a three-week-long headache/stressball that the end of term begins.  I shall make it up to you over the summer, I promise!

So, some things:

~ Dreamspinner Press is giving away an iPad!  For every ten dollars you spend there between now (well, 15 April) and 15 May, you get one entry into the giveaway.  I hope you all appreciate that I’m actually telling you about this, and thus decreasing my chances of winning.  (I feel about the iPad the way I do about the Kindle — I don’t want to buy one, but if someone gave one to me, I’d find it very useful!)

And now that you’re looking to drop a bit of cash there, Midsummer’s Nightmare is now on sale!  For half of what the stories would cost individually, you can get the whole shebang, a story in your inbox every day in June, for just $40.  I find this quite wonderful, personally, and now can’t wait (more than ever) for June to come.

~ Speaking of after-the-end-of-April, when life is beautiful and I can feel joy again, I’ve started planning for our little do in Bristol in May.  I’ll have origami stars to give out as goodies, and an idea for giveaway cards that makes me (and hopefully you) squee, but what else should I tote along?  Is there something other than the usual that you’ve seen, that really lifts your skirt?  Let me know!

~Finally, this is dreadfully late, but hopefully better that than never.  Nigel Puerasch gave I Do Two a lovely review in Wilde Oats, and said kind words about Two Men: A Fugue.  Because he was tasteful enough not to review his own story, I’ll happily put forward that it was about fifty-five separate kinds of hawt, and I loved it the first moment I read it, and also it was delish.  Did I mention I loved it?


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