weekly dispatch

…will be a little lame this week, I’m so sorry.  I’ve been having a little break with reality due to my work level over here, and I can’t pry anything good out of my brain, I’m afraid.  As things lighten up later in the week, if I get a good excerpt or brainstorm, I shall post something decent.

In the meantime, it’s just jabber about myself:

I’ll be at LoveRomancesCafe on yahoo for a few hours later today, mostly shilling for Change-My-Luck Blues.  Come and bother me!

If you live in or around Bristol,Charlie Cochrane and Bruin Fisher will be at The Old Market Tavern.  If you can fight through the crowd of adoring OAPs that surround Charlie wherever she goes, they will have goodies to give away.  And if you go, you are under orders to give them both hugs from me.

(We’ll be doing a repeat, or something similar, come May, that I’ll actually be able to attend!)

And that’s everything I can think of just now.  Have a fantastic day, lovelies!


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