well, this is good for my ego

The divine, inimitable, exquisite, insert-your-own-adjective-here* Charlie Cochrane interviewed me about Change-My-Luck Blues over at her journal.  You should go read it if you’re curious about what’s coming up for me, what inspired the story or (in the comments) how to insult Welsh rugby players yn Cymraeg.

Change-my-Luck is also now on the bestsellers list for Dreamspinner Press’ Nap-Sized Dreams, so woohoo!  Thank you to all of you who bought it — I’ll dedicate that grocery shop to you 🙂

*For once, I am not exaggerating for the sake of exaggeration.  Charlie is probably the nicest person I’ve ever met, and she’s been an unbelievable star about so many things, from encouraging me to write, to when my life is falling apart, to giving me gentle smackdowns when I require them.  Seriously.


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