Release Day!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, you guys!

Today my story, Change-My-Luck Blues, goes up for sale at Dreamspinner Press!

So. Freakin’. Excited. Go, read the excerpt, if you think it looks cool, pick up a copy and let me know!  Dudes.  No one can take this away — I have actually managed to get something published and sold for money.  (And by a press I honestly can’t gush enough about.)   As wonderful as I Do Two was, this feels…different, somehow.

I shall, of course, celebrate this momentous occasion by going grocery shopping and stopping by the library to pick up the thumbdrive I left there yesterday. The life of a writer, it’s glamorous, yo. (I’ve even given up drinking for another week and a half, so I’ll be celebrating with a nice squash with dinner.)

While I’m navel-gazing — and I promise I’ll write more interesting stuff soon, but right now it’s navel-gazing* — the fabulous Lee Rowan was blogging the other day and said some ridiculously nice things about me, and about working on I Do Two.  I am well happy I could contribute in ways I didn’t even suspect.

Finally, I’ve got a page up at GLBT bookshelf, which hopefully will consist of more than just a wodge of text soon.  I have a variety of drunky/weird/overposed photos from which to choose an author photo — perhaps I’ll have a contest.

*Remind me to tell you the story of how I surprised myself last night by finding my story in I Do Two…you know…the volume I helped edit?  Well, not so much ‘surprised’ as ‘wait, I let them have my story follow one of the best, woogiest, squeeful stories in the volume?  Faaaaaaaaaaaack.’  Yes, I do sound Midwestern when I curse, apparently.


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