on turning on

Hi Internet!

Dang, that week went fast.  Next week I’m working at a big conference, so this weekly ditty may or may not actually be made real, but I’ll give it a try, okay?

So this week, I’m thinking a lot about what it means to turn on, to suddenly snap into a mindset for something or other.  I mostly notice this because, two days I week, I dread the evenings.  I don’t wanna go run around a field and get tackled and be one of the worst players on the team (hi, ego!) and limp home.  Except I know I like it once I get there, and something happens when I pull on my kit, and I’m stomping around in tall socks and shorts and looking for a clean shirt and I feel, just a tiny bit, like Alun-Wyn Jones.  I totally, fully turn on, and I can’t wait to get out on the pitch.

It would be nice if I had, like a stupid hat that I only wore when writing, because I can’t seem to turn on to write the way I turn on to go commit GBH and call it a sport.  I think this is both kind of cool, and kind of annoying.  Cool, because it means writing is interwoven completely with my life — I plot while walking around town, work out the next big conflict in a story during really boring lectures, can write three sentences in a snatched five minutes between things.  So, it’s really neat, because I seriously, honestly, live with these characters.  We don’t get away from each other, and that means my brain regularly throws up really awesome things for them to do.

On the other hand, it means that if I don’t feel like writing…I really, really don’t feel like writing.  I am distractable as a rather simple goldfish.  Everything else in the whole world, including regarding the lint behind the radiator next to my bed, is more interesting than figuring out what position characters A and B (and C and D!) are gonna have sex in this time.  Or, you know, what human conflict they’ve got to deal with.  One or the other.

So, dear Internet — do you have anything that you do to get yourself into a writing mindset?  Or is it snatched, desperate minutes interleaved with chaining yourself to a keyboard?


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