On pushing boundaries

(The first in what will hopefully be a weekly series of blog entries.  They may not be interesting, or long, and I might sometimes throw in the towel and just post a drabble or excerpt or something, but they’ll be here!)

For those of you who are newly-published as well:  do you find yourself pushing your own boundaries of what you like to write, or are drawn to write?  What about those of you who’ve been writing for ages?

Because I very much am.  Without going into too much detail (in case this story winds up dead like so many others), I’ve started a story that, if it follows out, will be something I’ve historically not touched with a ten foot pole, and wouldn’t even buy if I were a reader.  I’ve actually made myself somewhat uncomfortable, contemplating where this can go.  At the same time, though, my God what a story I’ll be telling.  The things I’ll get to write, and the emotions I’ll get to explore will be absolutely amazing.

And I feel like this is tied into finally being published.  Like there was this massive jump from writing fanfiction, to writing original fic (for the first time in my life!), to now writing new types of stories.  Still romance; that seems to be what chimes with me the most, but new stories and new storylines.  Moving from historical to contemporary and spec fic and just having great fun while I do it all.

Just an observation, then, as I start on this utter, lovely madness…


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