Welcome, new readers!


You’re either here because you bought the I DO, TWO book, out today, and thus have done a mitzvah. Or, you’ve followed a link from the Valentine’s Day chat, and thus have fed my ego delightfully! (Hopefully, followed by the buying the book–>mitzvah sequence.)

I would like to take this space, quickly, to give the Academy Awards speech I never have. Firstly, with great thanks to Lee, Alex and Charlie, who have the patience of saints in herding me through my first simultaneous co-editing and publishing venture. Lee and Charlie, in particular, have had to spend the last few years attempting to convince me OVER and OVER and YET AGAIN that my work was worth publishing. Well, damn, turns out they were right!

Also, massive thanks to Kris at ManLoveRomance, who seriously must not sleep or eat, in order to get this book turned around so quickly.

(Finally, deepest apologies to Shane Williams. I am very sorry I drunkenly called you a Muppet. I was right, but I’m still very, very sorry.)


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