the latest (mostly, just me jabbering)

Hey, why not try to update regularly? Yay!

Nothing new on the publications front, other than it’s slightly over two weeks until I DO, TWO is released! I am simultaneously excited and absolutely bloody terrified. There is a very, very large world out there, in publication-land, and I understand, essentially, none of it. So, you know, this should be good…

Lots on the writing front. I’ve somehow managed to keep up writing through starting Spring term, keeping up with the Ladies’ Rugby team (STILL undefeated!) and occasionally seeing my friends every once and awhile. I would like to know why I thought all of this would be a good idea, but it seems to be working out. So far.

I’m having lots of fun writing, and feeling my style change; I’ve suddenly started writing to much more complex…layouts, I suppose. One story goes back and forth between first and third person, interweaving the story of a single day in a very unusual household and the backstories of the men who live in it. (I am not fit to lick the soles of Ian McEwan’s shoes, but Saturday was a pretty heavy influence.) The other is a…space opera? Spec fic romance? Something that lets me play around with designing a humanoid alien and world build to my little heart’s content? Whatever it is, it’s going to cover something like a fifteen-year span, so you know I’m happy to play with politics and culture on top of a romance.

Anyway — it’s grand, grand fun.


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