Upcoming publications

2010 — the year I enter print!  (sort of!)

I’ve got two stories coming out at the beginning of the year.  First, from ManLoveRomance, my short story “Two Men: A Fugue” will be appearing in the I DO, TWO charity anthology, which I was also lucky enough to co-edit/organise/whatever you want to call what we did.

In (roughly?) April, Dreamspinner Press will be publishing another short story from me, called “Change-My-Luck Blues”.  This will be my official first paid publication, and I am giddily excited.

More to come as I know it, and, of course, I’m taking advantage of the winter break to hum away happily at several stories.  Short stories have always come most easily to me, but I’m hoping to achieve a novella soon…

(Additionally, for those who enjoy the El Jay, this blog is pretty nearly mirrored at sophiaderibowen.livejournal.com.  There’s an extra goody there, and I’ll probably wind up with something exclusive to here, but otherwise, you’ll get the same info in whichever form you prefer.)


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